IP Address Restriction

I have set up a hybrid Tyk instance and it works great from my IP address. I am now trying to test it outside of my network, but all calls to the Tyk Gateway are denied unless they are made from my IP address. I cannot seem to find where the IP restriction has been established and I know the API itself is not causing the issue because I can call directly to the API and receive a proper response.

Any guidance on this would be extremely helpful.

Have you set an IP address restriction in your API configurarion (IP Whitelist)?

What is the connectivity behaviour, does it time out or does Tyk return an error response?

I don’t know why it started working, but I updated my swagger.json API documentation and also restarted my hybrid instance. An error was being returned, but it was extremely general (Requested endpoint is forbidden).

Glad it’s working :slight_smile:

The “requested endpoint is forbidden” error is usually because the endpoint is on a blacklist (or not on the white list). It’s quite odd behaviour, we’ll see if we can replicate.

Try to contact your ISP, they can change your ip, then just reconfigure the network again, it might help.