Installation of TYK on premise

Hi all
I have license key from TYK , now in midst of installation of Tyk , below in my plan
Below components are in different VM ( Red Hat Enterprise 7.8)

  1. MongoDB
  2. Redis
  3. Gateway
  4. Pump
  5. Dashboard

Hence , need advise and suggestion from your expertise as i new in TYK for below question

  1. I am using Docker to install above components . How Gateway connect to MongoDB and Redis ?

  2. How to install MongoDB cluster ?

  3. How to install Redis cluster ?

  4. Need to setup 2 DC for TYK , how to setup ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Yeo Wee Tat

Great to hear you are trying the Self Managed Tyk product. We have a guide that covers setup of Tyk on RHEL, let us know how you get on with it. If you get stuck or have questions, post them here.

Hello @Yeo_Wee_Tat

  1. Tyk will be able to connect to Mongo and Redis through connections strings that are either set in the Tyk configurations or environment variables.

2 and 3 not an expert of redis or mongo would suggest you ask these questions on their forms.

  1. Can you explain this further? Are you looking to use the gateways only or the paid version (tyk pro) which would require the key

Hi @Yeo_Wee_Tat ,

Not to worry, we will cover this in the upcoming training.