If I build Tyk from github source, do I still need a license?

The licensing part of the doc isn’t clear on what it applies to. Do I still need a license if I build from source?

Assuming that you mean only the Gateway, it’s fully open source and under Mozilla Public License Version 2.0.

In that sense, you can use and modify the gateway at will.

Hi mvdan, what I meant is if I check out the source code, build it, and then deploy and run it, do I need a license to do so (to deploy and to run)?

Hi Ryan

You don’t need a licence for the gateway - whether you take it from our packages or from source… its totally open source. There are no licences at all for the gateway.

Licences are required for the dashboard, however, and the dashboard is proprietary software and the source is not available for that. We do give licences away for free however, at a smaller scale, and they are fully commercial licences.

Also, anything you can do in the dashboard, you can do from the command-line/files - there are no features of the gateway restricted to the dashboard.

Hope that helps.