i18n of Tyk dashboard

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Date:Thursday, 18 June 2015 10:33:31 UTC+1.

I tried to internationalize Tyk dashboard into Japanese language,
but it seems to be impossible because it is compiled to binary executables.

Is there any way or plan to internationalize Tyk dashboard?
I can help to translate this into Japanese :slight_smile:


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Sender:Martin Buhr.
Date:Thursday, 18 June 2015 10:45:05 UTC+1.

Hi David,

We would love to make it multi-lingual. It’s currently not supported (because yes, we bundle everything for an easier deployment). I think what we would need first is a framework to load languages in and a standardised way to add them.

Once that’s done, do you mind if I get in touch with you to help with a translation?


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Date:Friday, 31 July 2015 03:07:52 UTC+1.

Hi Martin

Thanks for your response. I found this request has been adopted at tyk roadmap. Great!

FYI. IBM released the following i18n tooling for the golang as OSS.