Hybrid: custom domains "domain" attribute available per api def?

In the on premise version, the custom domain attribute is exposed in the dashboard. I don’t see this hybrid. Is this not supported in an hybrid or simply missing from the cloud admin ui?

We have a need to have the same API path routing to two different backends based on the host header i.e.

stage-whatever.com/api/1.0 → stage-backend

prod-whatever.com/api/1.0 → prod-backend

It looks like importing APIs with hosts for the same slugs acts properly.

We would need it to added to the tyk cloud dashboard admin screens.

yes verified this seems to work, but really should be exposed in cloud admin GUI

Custom domains are not supported in our cloud at all, which is why they are not in the UI. Our cloud UI does not differentiate between hybrid and pure cloud users. In future we may separate these out with different dashboards.

So… how is this working then

Sorry - maybe it wasn’t clear.

Custom domains are not supported in the Cloud UI because our cloud does not support custom domains. Since Hybrid is an extension of the cloud, and uses the cloud UI to configure it, those features are not enabled in the UI, though they will work in a hybrid environment, since they are disabled at the gateway level.

As I said, we may split out UI options for Hybrid users in future. But currently it is the same UI for both classes of users.


Looks like now we can no longer configure apis w/ same slug but differentiated by the “domain” attribute in the cloud admin UI anymore. Importing them (with domain in the config) seems to be accepted but the slug field dissapears on the apis after importing…


The data is still there in the underlying object, it is just not editable in the UI - this looks like a bug, which we will investigate, but it shouldn;t stop the feature from working.

So explicit different domains still work, but regexes cannot get to work



I don’t think the regex works like this, you must use the muxer pattern, the elements inside the curly braces define variables for the muxer to pass on to the middleware (unused), so to define a regex you need:

{name:pattern} matches the given regexp pattern.

So you would need {staging:stage-[a-z]+}.test.com

Confirmed that works, thanks

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Are there any plans on adding custom domains to the cloud?

I wanted to sign up with you (because you have a better product IMO) but I will probably end up having to go with your competitor (apigee) just because you don’t have this feature.

Please add this feature!

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Hi Maria

Good news!

All of Tyk’s paid Cloud or hybrid subscriptions automatically come with custom domain.

It’s just a question of telling us what address you need, and we get it set up. Easy :slight_smile: