How to use TYK manage SSE?

i am studying how to use TYK manage SSE follow [SSE Proxy]. but now i have a problem, i set the “http server options.flush interval = 20” in <tyk.conf>. but it looks like not work.

Could you share more information about the issue? Like what errors are you getting or what are you experiencing with the gateway.

i am studying "how to use TYK manage SSE " follow this link "SSE Proxy " and i setted some configurations in “tyk.conf” like picture 1, But it did not work like picture 2.

And my tyk-gateway cloned from this link “GitHub - TykTechnologies/tyk-pro-docker-demo: Tyk Pro demo using docker and docker compose, supercedes tyk_quickstart

@huw51 You would need to create an API definition to listen to the sse server. It looks like you have added the settings to the gateway config instead.


Kindly follow our documentation to create an API definition and test that it works. You can use as your test upstream.

After you have confirmed your listen path points to your upstream, then you can change the target_url to reference the sse server.

Please note that since you are running docker, your private IP would not be available within the docker container. So using the internal hostname host.docker.internal as indicated in our doc should work.