How to use routing key on header to process different target path?

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What is the current behavior?

No have the routing key to config, only have the version mechanism.
What is the expected behavior?

Client send the routing key on the header to gateway, gateway retrieve
the routing key and inquire the routing table, then transfer the request
to associated back end URL.

routing key: customer id

customer id: 1 or 2

gateway retrieve the customer id from header or URL Param.

routing table:

1 →

2 →


if customer id is 1, then transfer the request to if customer id is 2, same as operaion.
If the current behavior is a bug, please provide the steps to reproduce and if possible a minimal demo of the problem

Not bug.
Which versions of Tyk affected by this issue? Did this work in previous versions of Tyk?

I test it on 2.3.99 version, this feature not found on tyk’s document.

This might be better placed in our GitHub repository

And using the versioning system in Tyk, you can set a target host for each version, and the version value can be extracted from the header, so you can do this without a new feature.

Docs are here:

Though we have a feature on our reloadmap for more advanced routing based on request properties: