How to update to latest version

Hi Team,

I am new to tyk admin activities.I am using tyk on a Red Hat (RHEL / CentOS) machine. Tyk gateway version = v2.9.2 and Tyk Dashboard version = v1.9.2 ,Tyk pump = v0.8.3 was running smoothly but now I thought I needed to update to the long term support version Tyk v3.0. I am not an experienced linux user so please be a little brief on how to update the version.

Thanks & Regards.

Hi @anjaneya, have you by any chance had a look at out upgrade notes?

We recommend you backup your production environment before upgrading. Considering you are new to Linux, it would be better if you can replicate your current production environment and perform a test upgrade there so you can get a feel of how the process goes.

Knowing how your environment is setup (shell or ansible) might also help. We can offer assistance If you have a support plan.

Hope this helps.