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I am new to tyk admin activities.I am using tyk on a Red Hat (RHEL / CentOS) machine. Tyk gateway version = v2.9.2 and Tyk Dashboard version = v1.9.2 ,Tyk pump = v0.8.3 was running smoothly but now I thought I needed to update to the long term support version Tyk v3.0. I am not an experienced linux user so please be a little brief on how to update the version.

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Hi @anjaneya, have you by any chance had a look at out upgrade notes?

We recommend you backup your production environment before upgrading. Considering you are new to Linux, it would be better if you can replicate your current production environment and perform a test upgrade there so you can get a feel of how the process goes.

Knowing how your environment is setup (shell or ansible) might also help. We can offer assistance If you have a support plan.

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Thank you for your reply.

My current setup is on Linux machine (shell).how to take the backup of the current setup.
What prerequisites I need to see in my current setup to do the upgradation in version v4.0. What will be the commands and steps i need to follow?
Can you please guide me which step I need to take for further process.
We have plans for the version upgrade on UAT in the next month.
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Thanks for the information. I would advise visiting the official documentation of each storage component to find out the best approach to backup and restore. There is a thread on something similar, so it could prove helpful.

Regarding the steps to follow, I have outlined a couple of important things to note below:

  1. Read the release notes of the target version you desire to upgrade to and watch out for gotchas and breaking changes e.g. v3.2 and above introduces new changes to GraphQL
  2. Visit the documentation of your storage components to understand how to backup and restore them in isolated situations
  3. Prepare a backup and a post upgrade checklist. I have assisted with a sample at the bottom of this reply
  4. Backup essential components, configuration files and services for restoration in case of service failure during/after upgrade
  5. Follow our upgrade guidance based on your Tyk offering and sequentially upgrade each component as outlined to thee target version

Backup Checklist

  • Backup storage data - MongoDB (via mongodump or manually) and Redis (via BGSAVE)
  • Backup config files (gateway, dashboard/analytics, and pump)
  • Backup portal assets (/opt/tyk-dashboard/) if a custom portal has been created
  • Backup definition files (API and Policy) if no persistent storage exists

Post Upgrade Checklist (not exhaustive)

  • Examine the dashboard UI and establish no functionaly is broken
  • Verify portal is working as expected
  • Validate Gateway endppint is up and running with the “hello” endpoint
  • Try out the dashboard APIs
  • Check APIs are accessible via the gateway
  • Test current and new keys. Check Redis for hash
  • Evaluate output of plugins
  • Confirm analytics data is visible in reports

Thank you Olu for quick revert.
I will check follow the details given by you.


Hi Team,

We would like to create a set up to try new version upgrade installations.
Can you please guide us how to could register for trial license on our website.


We have a thread on where you can register for a limited time access

As an addition, there is a weird issue when upgrading from a Self Managed setup with gateway v2.9.4.7. The dashboard v3.0.7 only registers one gateway if you have multiple so for this case, follow the upgrade sequence below:

  1. Tyk Gateway
  2. Tyk Dashboard
  3. Tyk Pump

I though I should mention this since you are on the 2.9.x series. So if you do encounter this, then follow the sequence above

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Thank you so much for allocating your value time and giving me a replay .Will get back to you if there is any issue.

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