How to set policies when using custom authentication plugin

I try to set up a Golang auth middleware to extract user id from the authorization header which works as expected. but I’d like to know how to set up policies on the users instead of token/key.
for example, one user specified by user id can only access an API in an hour?

thanks for helping

Hello @co_nullne Tyk does not support applying policies to users. However, the way this is typically done is through having a 1 to 1 relationship between keys and users.

@zaid thanks for replying.

keys should be created at first in TYK. what I am trying to do is more like JWT which apply polices on sub extracted from the token. sub doesn’t need to be created ahead. I try to write a plugin to achieve this

Hello @co_nullne I am sorry but I am not sure I completely understand. Can you please elaborate further?

is there any other methods to connect to you, forum is too slow. do you support slack or something similar?

Hello Co Nuline

Dedicated email support and Slack are available for any paid Self Managed or Cloud plans. This forum is principally for users of Tyk OS components.

We were still waiting for your reply. Are you able to reply to Zaid’s earlier question and provide some further detail about your Tyk setup?