How to send record detail logstash

I’m looking for a way to send record detail to logstash.
The pump send the data straight to data source (Elasticsearch)
and aggregated logs with Logstash send only the getway’s log.


Hi Oz

What exactly is it you want to be able to send to logstash?


i’m use tyk with debug mode and it’s save all the logs on mongo db
i just want to sent every log to logstash.

I think he means he wants to send all gateway analytics directly to a logstash (instead of gateway -> redis -> pump -> elastic)

I also have this problem. In my closed network, i am not allowed to directly access the elastic search. I can only send logs to it using logstash.

The pump is open source so if one of you wants to make a logstash pump on there then that is totally an option.

If you open a PR we can help you polish it up.

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