How to register dynamic URL with tyk community edition

Hi guys, how can we register dynamic url which contains a variable in its path. The url I am trying to register is: where 11-17-0001073-01-00 is dynamic. I would be grateful if anyone share the API definition for such scenarios over here.

Hi @Ashish_Shetty, could you explain more about what you mean by register a dynamic url? What do you intent on using the value 11-17-0001073-01-00 for?

By that I mean the string 11-17-0001073-01-00 part of the url will change based on different scenarios so how should I build my target url if such dynamic content will be part of my url.

To be more clear, lets say for user 1 the downstream url will be like and for user 2 the url will be

Thank you for responding so quickly.

You can use wild cards such as {id} in the path for the endpoint designer e.g.{customer_id}/null.

We have an example of using wildcards and regular expressions in our Tyk Demo repository. You can also check out the Postman collection. The examples contain descriptions of what is happening.

You can also check out this thread about API key in path if you intend on manipulating the header or url in some way

Hope this helps.