How to make Tyk local docker to communicate with Tyk cloud?

We were trying to create policies and update them via local setup and wasn’t successful in doing so. hence we approached the problem by calling cloud dashboard REST endpoint for creating and updating policies.
Now, the challenge is how to fetch policies from cloud and apply those policies to api definitions present in the local set up.
I read the documentation on set up and am not sure of which method to follow. any help is appreciated!

You might want to look at configuring a hybrid setup, where the you can have local or self-managed gateways and a cloud dashboard for administration.

However, if you are learning or exploring Tyk OSS and just want to copy the contents of a fully defined policy from the dashboard, then you need to

  1. Use the Get call form the dashboard API to retrieve your desired policy
  2. Copy the content of the desired policy to the policies.json path as set in the gateway conf.
  3. Remove any references to:

Also, could you share a link to the documentation(s) viewed. It would help bring a bit of context to the matter.