How to make a query that will return Catalog enabled APIs?

Hey there!

I’m new to Tyk and currently experimenting with setting up a custom API dashboard that imports features from the TYK Dashboard.

I have been able to successfully write queries via node to query the Tyk Admin Dashboard API materials however I cannot figure out how to run a basic curl or axios request to try and get hold of all the apis currently visible in the Catalog (currently via the admin dashboard queries I can only return the full list of APIs which is not what I want to do - I only wish to return those that are enabled in the catalog)

Is there a way to do this? From what I can see you have to query the Policies to get a list of linked APIs to each policy.

Any help appreciated!

There isn’t a documented endpoint for this - the trick is to pull the catalogue confgiuration from: /api/portal/catalogue

	"id": "55d5929c29415b0001000040",
	"org_id": "55d5927329415b000100003b",
	"apis": [{
		"name": "Sample API (Global) Demo",
		"short_description": "This is the global API Access Portal Entry",
		"long_description": "This is some markdown *demo text*",
		"show": true,
		"api_id": "",
		"policy_id": "59a35ba610a2e400011124a3",
		"documentation": "59c18c5057a7170001d2f2eb",
		"version": "v2"

Note the version tag is really important and must be v2 (and the api_id field is deprecated)

Hi Martin,

Many thanks for that! I can now access it. :slight_smile:

I’m super puzzled as to why this isn’t included in the docs??? I imagine it’s a common enough use case…

Warmest Regards,
Daniel McMahon.