How to implement OAuth2.0 with tyk open source version?

Hello guys, I am a currently tasked with implementation of Oauth2.0 via gateway for third party APIs with their own identity services. We have a registration portal (GUI) where these APIs are registered onto tyk. Right now we have open, bearer and basic auth implemented which were straight forward to implement. Now I am tasked with implementing OAuth2.0 and JWT auth in order to support the APIs which use these auth types. I have nil-low experience with OAuth so I’m not sure what steps should I take. It would help me a lot if any of you guys share your know-how regarding this. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Ashish_Shetty, so we can give you the best answer, can you let me know whether you are using the Tyk Dashboard, as well as the Gateway, or just using the Tyk gateway as a standalone component?

Hi @James thanks for the quick reply. I am using tyk gateway as a standalone compoenent.

I that case, take a read through here and see what might be the best fit for you. Note that the API Gateway and Dashboard have different APIs, so identify an approach that will work for you and with the Gateway API only.