How to get the current real-time speed limit

For speed limit, if every 60 seconds is set to 30, how to get the current real-time speed limit? By api call? How?

Feeling per second speed limit is not accurate, such as set to 30 requests per 60 seconds, when the first 10 seconds after using the request amount of 30, I need to wait far more than 60 seconds, the speed limit was released;

About the limit config as following:

“enable_sentinel_rate_limiter”: false,
“enable_redis_rolling_limiter”: true,

if set as below, the issue is same.

“enable_sentinel_rate_limiter”: true,
“enable_redis_rolling_limiter”: false,

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This is how the v2.2 rate limiter works, it hard-blocks on overages instead of drip-feeding traffic. v2.3 (and Tyk Cloud currently), offer a more standard leaky bucket limiter.