How to customize developer portal pages?


How to customize such pages as:

For example, add/modify a header/footer?



Please have a look at our portal customisation docs here:

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You guys are awesome! I stumbled upon Tyk almost by chance. Google does’t put you high for “api management platform”-like queries and none of the reviews I read mentioned you. I actually started to work with Kong which is nowhere close to Tyk.

Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks @Rudy_Wurlitzer

Glad you are enjoying Tyk, please pass the message on. We’re a community driven platform, we rely on our community to get the message out, so your support is appreciated.

Also, I noticed you asked about cloud customisation, hopefully what you need is there on cloud, but for complete customisation, you might want to look at the on-premises option, which gives access to the portal templates themselves, making it trivial to edit.

Or, we make it simple to use your own portal - everything in Tyk is driven by APIs, so you can insert the Portal APIs into the web platform of your choice (here is a Tyk wordpress plugin that does just that ) or spin up your own custom developer portal