How to create our own dashboard with the data in Tyk

Hello everyone,
How can I create my own dashboard with the data available in the Tyk like one in this video provided below.
So, please check it out.

Hi Preravana,

For API analytics I recommend using the Tyk Pump to push analytics data to your preferred data store. We have connectors for ElasticSearch, InfluxDB, StatsD and Graylog, and the solution can be easily extended so that it can connect with other systems.

For system state telemetry I recommend using the instrumentation feature which will push data to a StatsD instance.


Thanks for your quick reply David. Is Tyk pump is available in cloud?

Unfortunately not, since you are not able to get access to the necessary configuration files.

You would need to run this as a on-premises installation.

Thanks for your reply