How to consume API registered in Tyk

Hi, I am trying to configure 2 API’s that I have. I have a domain for each of them, lets say and Also, I have the dashboard with a domain

I entered in the dashboard and registered the 2 API’s and the endpoints for each of them. My question is more related about how the API’s should be consumed: consume using and directly? or all the calls to the API’s should be done using myTykDashboard? in that case, how I know which route should I call?

I registered as API1 and API2 and I did: but I get 404 error.
So, also I want to know is how Tyk listen or take control over the API’s? I have it running on port 3000 and the API in other port, does that matter?

Ifyou created the API in your dashboard and have the gateways all up and running as per our tutoprials, then the URL for your APIs will be published on the API Detail page if you browse to it on the dashboard.

The URL will be on the gateway, no the dashboard and will be pof the form:


If you want to use custom domains for each API, you can set a custom domain name in the API Designer, and then the URL will be something like:{listen-path}/{resource}/{id}

If you want the API to be proxied fro the root (/), then you can just set the listen path to be /. You can only do this once per custom domain (obviously, otherwise you would have namespace conflicts in the routing system).