How to configure VPC peering or private link between Tyk cloud to AWS VPC?

Hi, I am currently evaluating Tyk Cloud and have a question around connectivity between Tyk Cloud and AWS VPC. Is there any information around how to establish connectivity?

This is on our roadmap. In the meantime, the way we suggest addressing this is with mutual TLS pinning and IP whitelisting. We can provide the IP addresses of our cloud’s egress. Both of those combined will be secure.

Alternatively, you could use our hybrid gateway which is the battle-tested deployment methodology to avoid public traffic

Thanks Olu! Do you have timeline for this?
This will potentially raise a red flag from our security and networks teams.

We don’t have a timeline for this yet. I’ll update this topic once we have more information.

We understand there are a couple of interests in this, so I’m sure we will announce it through our release notes, blog, or documentation.