How to club together multiple tyk endpoints to create a single tyk endpoint and pass that endpoint to a policy?

Hi I am working on creating a flow where I create the tyk endpoint for the resources available and it is working fine but now I have to club these endpoints together to generate a single endpoint and assign it to a policy, I read about virtual endpoint but not fully sure on how to implement it

I think what you want to use in your scenario is our looping feature rather than a virtual endpoint. The looping feature leverages our internal middleware to avoid another network call and redirect your URL to another endpoint in the API or another API in the gateway.

We have examples on Github and a demonstration page in our docs if you want to experiment with virtual endpoints.

However, combining looping with our advanced URL rewriter rules can create powerful logical blocks that replace the need for you to use a virtual endpoint or write a custom plugin.

Thank you @Olu, will try what has been suggested here but the examples mention redirecting the authentication process to different endpoints can this be used with multiple endpoints which are already available for users to add and aren’t internal as the flow suggests that we mark an API as internal before rewriting the url.

Yes, you can use it for endpoints that aren’t marked as internal. Simply specify the API_ID as shown below