Home page not found. How to access API?

I’m completely new to tyk and followed the pop-up-instructions to create a first API. The first steps were to create an API “System Management --> Create API”, followed by “System Management --> Create policies” and “Portal Management --> Catalogue”. And now? - What next?

I would like to test this new API, but I can’t find a button to test it. Moreover, I found “Your Developer Portal” and “Open your portal”. But how to proceed next??? When I click on “Find out more”, I get the error message “Home page not found”. When I try to login, my credentials were refused “Login failed”. I don’t understand why Home page is not found and why access don’t work.


You might need to provide some context, as it is not clear what you are trying to do here?

By following the guides you mention, you would have first created an API definition and then used a policy to control access to that API.

You should now be able to connect to that API, using the access credentials you created, there would not be a button for connecting to an API though. You would connect to the API via code in your application, or using a client like Postman, etc.

Or have I misunderstood your question?

You are right, I was looking for a button to test connection. Now that I know that there is no button I know that I should use Postman or Browser-add-on “HttpRequester”. Helpful tip. The next step for me is to find out how to connect to my API.