Hide Original Swagger URL

Is there anyway to hide the original url of the api we want to import?

You mean in the swagger UI for the portal? It will only show up there if you add it to the swagger doc, the swagger doc overrides the auto-detected settings in Tyk, if you remove the swagger URL when you upload the documentation to Portal, the portal will stop showing it.

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Thanks Martin!

I was able to change the URL so that it wouldn’t show. I switched it with the Tyk URL for the API I created. The only problem I’m having now is that I’m trying to test out the API on the developer portal, but I’m getting an error, “version information not found”. I’m sure that I set up the target URL properly, so I’m not sure what I might be doing wrong. Do you have any advice?

It means that your Api is versioned, and the version header is not included in the test requests. How are you versioning?

I think I may be having the same problem. The Swagger import contains this:

"info": {
    "version": "2017-07-19T17:08:02Z",
    "title": "..."

The versioning is turned on in the Portal, but this version is not imported. When I turn versioning off in the portal, I get a different error: “There was a problem proxying the request”

Turning versioning back on, and adding in the header version = v1 I get the same error. So maybe something else is incorrect downstream.

The second error you are getting is because there was an actual problem with the proxy target. Did you specify that correctly in your api definition and tested those endpoints?