Hash via murmur3 from within JSVM middleware?

How can do my own hash via murmur3 from within JSVM middleware? Is this exposed as a function to the JSVM?

It isn’t - you’d need to do it all in JS.

Yu could always use our rich plginnfunctionality, then you can use any host language that supports gRPC and application design is less constrained.

Seems like it would be reasonable to expose this via go to the JSVM plugins (murmur3) hash function. Reason being is the case of my other post where my x-authorization-header custom value is out of sync w/ the actual hashed key value… forcing me to use an alias to ID it in the dashboard… but I can’t search on it. If I could just hash it the same way Tyk is… then it would really simplify things.

Switch off hashing, then this goes away.

Either you end up exposing tokens and secrets to your dashboard users, and store them in your analytics in plaintext, or you work with the hashed values. It isn’t possible to have both.

Yes there should be a search capability for the alias - and guess what - it’s on our roadmap, and it will be put in place.

Hashing the key in the JSVM would just cause a double hash, so this would completely and utterly fail.

Yeah it goes away, but a hash impl is JS is orders of magnitude slower than go.