gRPC API documentation in dev portal

is it possible to publish documentation for gRPC endpoints on the portal and allow subscription?
we generate REST/SOAP proxies, documentation html/md for gRPC and OpenApi for rest, and libraries for gRPC endpoints and would like to publish them on the portal (links to the libraries of course).
How to do it? Documentation only mentions OpenAPI.

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Hi @Konstantin_Ignatyev Welcome to our Forums.
It is possible to attach your swagger spec to your API definition when you are publishing to the Portal so that it is natively rendered in the catalogue entry but you can also import your own html or markdown in the catalogue entry details to build out your own style of documentation. You can even link out to existing document sources such as Github etc. Basically the Portal is a lightweight CMS so there are many ways you can customise it to your liking.
Documentation and links to some example portals can be found here:
And whilst hse docs refer to importing swagger there is info around using markdown in the description field:![image|690x378](upload://coV9Lfh6P0OHvNNtxX1fzyEwYZl.png)

well, I specifically do NOT want and need swagger/openAPI docs in this case.
and I am confused by your answer. Publish an API says that only openAPI/swagger documentation is supported and blueprint is deprecated.

I need to publish documentation for gRPC endpoints. NOT swagger or openAPI.
Are there any links to documentation/examples of publishing NOT swagger documentation for APIs?

Hello Konstantin,
Last month, with Tyk’s Head of Engineering, we created a widget for Tyk’s Developer Portal. Now, you can create the whole gRPC Documentation. Here you can find a video with an instruction about how to do that: