GrayLog Integration

Hi, I have found only a little explanation about integrating TYK with graylog. I have read that the integration setup can reside on the tyk-gateway and tyk-pump. My first question is what is the different between this two configuration ? can i setup the graylog integration only on the gateway ? or i have to setup the pump also ?

And what is sent over to the graylog client ? is it on GELF format ? and what protocol should i use to capture ? is it TCP/UDP/HTTP ? i have tried them all but nothing comes up in the graylog dashboard.

Please help



Tyk pump is the component in the Tyk stack that clears analytics from the gateway (actually from Redis attached to the gateway) and “pumps” those analytics to a destination of your choice. You need to have this installed.

By default Tyk Pump will move the data to an install of the Tyk dashboard, but its simple to change that to any other data sink you prefer. I believe there is already a graylog pump available for you to use, so should be very simple to implement.

There are some docs on pump here: //

Should also have pointed out that you can use Graylog as a logging back-end, not for analytics, there is info on that here; Log Data

So I guess your route here depends on your use-case for graylog.

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