Go plugin auth issues


  • Branch/Version: 4.0.3
  • Environment: Self Managed

Describe the bug
Throwing error when we use go plugin auth
Session state is missing or unset! Please make sure that auth headers are properly applied

We are reusing the same plugin bundle for multiple APIs configured and we have a custom header name for auth.

we are getting
time=“Aug 22 09:46:43” level=error msg=“Could not load Go-plugin” error=“plugin.Open(”/mnt/tyk-gateway/middleware/bundles/d35ddb36feb0046d187fe79fc8b2da54/plugin.so"): plugin already loaded (previous failure)" mwPath=“/mnt/tyk-gateway/middleware/bundles/d35ddb36feb0046d187fe79fc8b2da54/plugin.so” mwSymbolName=AuthCheckSoapAPI

  1. I also wanted to check how to maintain different versions of the go plugin.
    is changing the zip file name enough? or is there any other way?
  2. does go custom modules supported in go plugin?

Hi @ibuar ,

Are you able to provide your bundle.zip, and API definition?

Yes changing the zip file name is sufficient. See here?

I think the issue is when we use the same binary file with two different functions inside that and adding that as two different plugins cause the golang to throw the error: ** plugin already loaded**