Git integration in tyk-git CI/CD tool seems unnecessary

We are trying to integrate the deployment of Tyk API, policy and swagger definitions in our CI/CD pipeline. The tyk-git tool seems designed to achieve this.
I am having some trouble authenticating to our repo through ssh.
Error: ssh: handshake failed: knownhosts: key is unknown
I see in the code that there is a placeholder ‘key’ cli argument for which the implementation is still missing. I can try to resolve this issue, but I have started to wonder why there is an integration with git in the first place.

For our CI/CD setup, the possibility to dump and sync to and from the local filesystem would simplify matters quite a bit.
In our CI environment (Jenkins), we tend to check out a feature branch and build and deploy to our test environments from there. Then, once the code has been merged to master, we deploy to acceptance and production from there. In all scenarios the local filesystem contains the Tyk API definitions that we want to deploy.

A cli argument for the sync command with the path to the source files on disk instead of a git repository would be really helpful.

Hi Sam

Thanks for the points and ideas. It would be amazing if you could open a couple of issues in the repo so the wider team can take a look and start a discussion around this - and get some improvements and changes made. (you can just copy the text of this forum post if you feel lazy :slight_smile: )

Thanks a lot!

Thanks Josh, I created and issue for “deploy from filesystem” support in the tyk-git repo Improvement: allow `sync` to be done from filesystem instead of Git repo · Issue #6 · TykTechnologies/tyk-sync · GitHub