Getting Rate Limit errors, though I am using Keyless

I keep getting ‘Rate Limit or quota exceeded (409)’ in the UI even though the api’s are configured as keyless:

'Keyless acccess will disable all rate limiting, security checks and validation of requests as no session data is tracked along with requests. Analytics data will still be collected, however it will not be as detailed as data that uses one of the keyed methods.`

For example:

API Name	Requests	Success	        Errors	        Last Access
uat-api	        506	        341       	165	        25 minutes ago

All the errors are 409.


Hi Joe,

Unfortunately I’m unable to replicate this issue. Are you by any chance a Cloud user? There is a quota in place that affects all Cloud accounts, though if you haven’t made 50 000 requests to your API today, then it’s unlikely that that would explain this issue.
Are you able to export the API you’re having trouble with (there should be a yellow “Export” button on the Edit API page) and post the contents of the JSON file produced to Gist or Pastebin so that I can have a look?

Kind regards,
Jess @ Tyk

Hi Jess,

No, this is running on premise.

Screen shot:
Here is a pastebin : (i did *** out the domain)
We are uploading a large about of data over our bulk import api…

Thanks for your time.


Hi Joe,

Sorry, we’re still having trouble replicating this issue. Do you receive the same error message when sending a cURL request? If so, could you please send us the cURL request that you’ve used?

Also, if you could send us the logs produced by the Gateway, that would help a great deal as well. You should be able to obtain your logs with the following command in Ubuntu (the exact location of your logs may vary slightly depending on your OS):

sudo tail -f /var/log/upstart/tyk-gateway.log

Kind regards,
Jess @ Tyk

Also, can you sahre the actual error the client is getting? This might not be generated by the gateway.

I just checked with the guys and testing, and they ‘claim’ not seeing any issues - They are load testing at the moment, so I wondered if they have missed something (or they had a retry loop). I need to investigate the process they are using on Monday.

Rate limiting are 429 errors, not 409 errors. Were these 409 or 429 errors?

The above screen shot shows the exact error on the dash we are getting.

Can you share the actual data the client is getting - Tyk will send a json response with the error message as well as the status code - it will help pin down cause.