Getting 400 Bad Request

Hi, While trying to reset/update the quota of a policy, I am getting 400 Bad request error.
I have followed the documentation :
what should I give for access-token in the URL?

My url and headers is:

My API definition is:
“allowance”: 1000,
“rate”: 1000,
“per”: 60,
“expires”: -1,
“quota_max”: -1,
“quota_renews”: 1406121006,
“quota_remaining”: 0,
“quota_renewal_rate”: 60,
“access_rights”: {
“272356d7d31e4e944f87b07ebe386dc9”: {
“api_name”: “ceo_as”,
“api_id”: “272356d7d31e4e944f87b07ebe386dc9”,
“versions”: [
“69c03b0be21547005675b7e5c6aeea14”: {
“api_name”: “ecourts_as”,
“api_id”: “69c03b0be21547005675b7e5c6aeea14”,
“versions”: [
“cd9ae68d122b49005a396041c72c4ec4”: {
“api_name”: “drt_as”,
“api_id”: “cd9ae68d122b49005a396041c72c4ec4”,
“versions”: [
“d5643730927f4325487197b694923778”: {
“api_name”: “epfo_ds”,
“api_id”: “d5643730927f4325487197b694923778”,
“versions”: [
“org_id”: “5a3b5ddffb44ef000136add9”,
“meta_data”: {},
“oauth_client_id”: “”,
“oauth_keys”: “”,
“basic_auth_data”: {
“password”: “”,
“hash_type”: “”
“jwt_data”: {
“secret”: “”
“hmac_enabled”: false,
“hmac_string”: “”,
“is_inactive”: false,
“apply_policy_id”: “”,
“apply_policies”: [
“monitor”: {
“trigger_limits”: []
“tags”: []

I just want to change the quota of a particular developer. In this case, I have provided that developer key instead of access token.

I think your api definition may be malformed. Try checking it with a linter such as

I have also checked it with that too. Can you find anyother mistake in it?
What should I give it in access token?

I think Josh meant your session object (the data to create the token), not your API Definition.

I am trying to update the key already created. what is the exact path to which the API definition has to sent? And also, what is the access-token in that? How to get that access-token?