General-purpose debugging consoles


This question isn’t strictly related to Tyk, but should be relevant for most Tyk users. Does anyone know of an open-source, general-purpose API console/client that supports basic HTTP/REST and OAuth 2?

Moving away from our custom authorization solution to Tyk and OAuth 2.0 I was sort of expecting to find a bunch of solutions like this, since REST, HTTP and OAuth2 are all very common, standardized protocols/patterns. I’ve come to realize that this doesn’t seem to be the case. Why is that? Is there something preventing a general-purpose solution that I’m missing?

Any and all suggestions appreciated!

Good question - I’d be interested to know what everyone on here is using day-to-day.
I know a lot of the Tyk team use postman

In fact - they even blogged about our use: Tyk Uses Postman for Client Engagement | Postman Blog

Any other suggestions?

Thank you James! I can’t believe I didn’t find Postman while googling, and I had even heard the name before and still didn’t find it. It seems to fit my use case exactly.