Gateway: Basic auth, validate against ldap


I have an existing API that I am transferring to Tyk, all requests are authenticated via basic auth.

I’d like to take the username/pw in the basic auth Authorization header for inbound API calls going through the gateway, and have it validated against my ldap server.

How can I do this? The LDAP IDP integration only seems to be for the portal/dashboard?

You could do this with the Tyk identity Broker:

But here’s no gateway support for LDAP

Any examples of this out there? The ones described on the README seem to be around presenting login, form, generating tokens, redirects etc?

I just want something that will take the authorization header, bind that uname/pw against ldap, and do nothing else. If OK, let request proceed, of FAIL return 500. No token generations, redirects etc

Yeah that doesn’t exist, you could fork TIB :-/

You could always write your own auth middleware?

For anyone else w/ this same confusion on what to use, for sure Identity broker is not a solution for this: