Gateway 2.6.2, Dashboard 1.6.2, Pump 0.5.3, MDCB 1.5.4

Gateway 2.6.2

Dashboard 1.6.2

  • No longer modifies slug when changing listen path
  • Redirects to certificate page when uploading new certificate, instead of redirecting to listing page
  • Fixed Portal login for developers with high amount of subscriptions (>10)
  • Fixed password validation on developer password reset form
  • Fixed password validation on developer edit profile form
  • Fixed domain specific certificate pinning
  • Disabled fields on user form if current logged in user has no “edit” permission
  • Fixed Eureka service discovery template
  • Fixed listen path URL validation if it contains ( or ) symbols
  • Allowed query string params when specifying uptime test URL
  • Allowed wildcard URLs in CORS settings
  • No longer automatically log in new developers when login is disabled
  • Fixed policy selection screen for OIDC auth mode
  • Fixed HMAC checkbox not being checked when HMAC is enabled

Pump 0.5.3

MDCB 1.5.4

  • Fixed API deletion event not being propagated to Gateways
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