FYI - Tyk Analytics Setup

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Sender:Brandon Lamb.
Date:Friday, 26 December 2014 21:35:20 UTC.

Thought I would offer some trial and error learnings. While trying to setup tyk and tyk analytics, I had gone through the adding of a new org and user multiple times. In addition, I also was figuring out how to setup redis with a password as well as standing up a new mongdb instance.

Some learnings:


  • redis.conf: requirepass my-pass (at first i was trying masterauth)
  • redis_password = my-pass (match both tyk.conf and tyk_analytics.conf)


  • mongo config, i have no user auth so just used
    • “mongo_url”: “mongodb://”
    • “mongo_db_name”: “tyk_analytics”
    • “mongo_collection”: “tyk_analytics”

Dashboard login

  • If you run --neworg and/or --newuser more than once, you will create multiple duplicate entries, which will then fail when you try to login. Scratched my head on this before figuring out that i should see what mongo had in the collections
    • mongo
    • use tyk_analytics
    • db.tyk_analytics_users.remove({}) (clear all users)
    • db.tyk_organisations.remove({}) (clear all orgs, also isnt this word spelled wrong? organizations?)
    • Run tyk-analytics --conf=tyk_analytics.conf --neworg, then ctrl+c
    • Run tyk-analytics --conf=tyk_analytics.conf --newuser, then ctrl+c
    • Run tyk-analytics --conf=tyk_analytics.conf

After going through some of this, I have a working setup! Now to explore the dashboard.