Follow up : Module 1 An introduction to API Platform Engineering | API platform engineering fundamentals programme

Hey folks

We had an amazing start to the API platform engineering programme 2023 yesterday! Our 1st session together exceeded all our expectations with over 140 folks in attendance. This was all possible thanks to you - your incredible energy, valuable questions, and feedback!

A huge thank you to Jennifer Riggins, our guest speaker for module 1 for bringing her experience and insights in the field of Platform engineering, especially regarding the Thinnest Viable Platform and measuring developer experience. What’s even better is that she has agreed to join us once again for our final post-programme hangout on Nov 23, 2023!

Session resources

Here are all the valuable resources from yesterday’s session:

Session recording & slides

We are currently working on finalising the video recording from yesterday’s session. It will be available by Monday next week along with the slides from the session. We can’t wait to send it your way!

Module 1 quiz

The highly anticipated quiz for module #1 is now live! A link along to it along with some instructions on accessing it, have been sent in a follow email that should be in your inbox now.

What’s next

Module 2 will start next week, Thursday, 12th October, 1 pm EST/ 6 pm BST, where we’ll talk about API platform engineering teams’ JTBDs and how to achieve them, together with guest speaker Richard Johnston.

Your personalised registration link was automatically emailed yesterday; let us know if you have any issues with it. There will be another reminder email that will go out the day before the session.

Thank you once again for starting this journey together! Looking forward to seeing you next week!

(Note: this information has also been sent to you via email)

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Hello folks

Hope you all had a great weekend!

As promised, the session recording and slides from our 1st session has been sent out via email. If you have any trouble accessing them, do feel free to reach out me and we’ll sort it out.

See you this Thursday!

I haven’t received a link to the quiz.

Sorry but haven’t received the quiz either.

Hi Budha, could you DM me the link to the video, please? I haven’t received it unfortunately. my mail [email protected]

Enjoying my AM coffee and watching this on replay. Thanks gang - looks fantastic.

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Hi Budha, I have signed up to the API Pltaform program via a the email address [email protected]. Could you share with me the link to the first session recroding please.
Many thanks

Hey Nabyl

Thanks a lot for joining the API platform engineering fundamentals programme!
I have emailed you the links to the module 1 resources. See you tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hey @APB @Anwesha_Ghosh @KateSlezina
I have emailed the quiz and recordings over to you :slight_smile:

See you tomorrow!

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@hellobudha I haven’t received any recordings, slide decks, etc. for week 1 or week 2. Plz send it to my email, [email protected]

Hello ,

I haven’t receive module quiz, pls share the link

Hey @Jeeva @pradipghosh

Welcome to the community!

All resources including the quiz, slides and recording for both module 1 and 2 have been sent to you via email. Please let me know if you have/haven’t received it.

Make sure to check your spam folder too, just in case.

Thank you so much @hellobudha for your quick response. I got the email with all required resources for Module 1 & 2.

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hi @hellobudha, good day! Kindly re-send to my email please, I’ve checked my spam and unfortunately I have no luck in finding the emails for the slides and recordings for nodules 1 & 2 + the quizzes. Thanks!

Hey @milagan, good day to you too and a very warm welcome to the community!

No worries at all, we will send you all the resources from week 1, 2 and 3 later today, so you’ll have everything at one place :slight_smile:

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hi @hellobudha, apologies for the late response, but Many Many thanks for the quick response from your end. I got all the other modules and quizzes in an email summary form! So very helpful. Thanks Again!

Awaiting for the details for Week/Module #5. Thanks Again!

Manny I.

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