First time installation in Debian Linux

Hello Experts,

I am performing the installation of Tyk on Linux Debian VM located in our DMZ zone.
All components are being installed on a single VM.

I am in need of few queries/suggestions/headups on the below point,

  1. Which all port should be open from VM towards our LAN to access Tyk.
  2. Which all port should be open on the VM to make tyk component interact with each other.

Also have notices, Tyk components are installed and showing active status. But when trying to look for log files there are no default folder got created for logging like, when executing the last command for installing pump

sudo tail -f /var/log/upstart/tyk-pump.log

Error : tail: cannot open ‘/var/log/upstart/tyk-pump.log’ for reading: No such file or directory

Other query I have, is related to higher environment installation, will it be ok if we install the Tyk gateways into our DMZ zone, and all other components into the local network?

Thanks in advance

Hi, in case you’re running all components in the same host you will probably expose only two ports: Tyk Gateway port (default port is 8080) and Tyk Dashboard (default port is 3000).

Where are you looking for logs? They should be under /var/log or /var/log/upstart, try this command:

$ find /var/log | grep tyk

About your last question: that will depend on your security policies, we recommend exposing only the ports I’ve mentioned earlier. You could also deploy Redis and MongoDB in the internal network.



Thank you for your reply, have managed to install the setup :slight_smile:
For logs I manage to get using below

journalctl -u tyk-gateway