File Upload (multipart) graphql requests does not work

I got this error one i post a multipart request to my graphql api through tyk gateway
status_code: 400
“error”: “invalid character '-' in numeric literal”

Hey @Mosab_Anini1

are you using this implementation in your service to handle file upload GitHub - jaydenseric/graphql-multipart-request-spec: A spec for GraphQL multipart form requests (file uploads). ? I think this is the only one out there that supports it right now.
Unfortunately Tyk does not support it at the moment, so uploading files via GQL in Tyk is not possible at the moment.

You could log a ticket in our GitHub repo if you wanted, describe your use case a bit more and we’ll look into including this feature in a future release.

yes i use the mentioned upload implementation,
from your experience could it be done using custom tyk plugin ?

I’ll lean on @Olu here, if you don’t mind.

@Olu is your experience with custom plugins extensive enough to answer this?

Unfortunately, my experience with custom is a bit limited.

Hello @Mosab_Anini1 unfortunately we don’t have support for custom plugins on GraphQL APIs yet. That is something we are exploring in the near future however.