🗓 February 2023 Community Events: Declarative APIM in K8s, hybrid APIM, and more!

Hello Tyk community! :wave:

How’s everyone’s year so far?

As for us here at Tyk, we’re eager to see everyone again so we have prepared an exciting event line-up for you all!

All events are free, online, and we guarantee you’ll have the chance to actively participate in it! These events will not be yet another webinar, rather a fun community event where you can share your experiences and ask questions to other API professionals.

Hope to see you at any of these events!

Why you need a hybrid approach to API management
:spiral_calendar: 7 February | 5 PM UTC | Time conversion
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APIM 101: Declarative API management in K8s to enable API automation
:spiral_calendar: 21 Feb | 7 PM UTC | Time conversion
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GraphQL Hangout #51: Building GraphQL APIs the easy way with Apollo and Tyk
:spiral_calendar: 23 Feb | 7 PM UTC | Time conversion
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