Feature Requet: add tyk-sync like command line connectivity to tyk-operator snapshot feature

In using the tyk-sync tool the developer experience is relatively quite painless[1] for dumping definitions:

docker run -it --rm \
  -v ${PWD}/tmp:/output \
  tykio/tyk-sync:v1.2 dump \
  -d="http://localhost:8080" \
  -s="[LOCAL Tyk Dashboard API Access Credential Value]" \

to get the same level of simplicity with tyk-operator I’ve had to create a custom docker image:

Where the end user has to set a bunch of environment variables in a file, pass that file to the docker container, etc… it winds up being a really heavy process in a case where the K8S cluster you’re interacting with rotates your access credentials hourly.

Please add support for using -s <secret> and -d="<dashboard URL>" on the command line with tyk operator


[1] actually, if I’m being honest it is really quite slick. Well done your team has done an excellent job there! :slight_smile:


Hi @Alexander_Chesser , thank you for your suggestion! :slight_smile:

We are working on migrating the snapshot feature to a tykcli tool, and will make sure this DX suggestion would be captured there.