Feature Requet: add tyk-sync like command line connectivity to tyk-operator snapshot feature

In using the tyk-sync tool the developer experience is relatively quite painless[1] for dumping definitions:

docker run -it --rm \
  -v ${PWD}/tmp:/output \
  tykio/tyk-sync:v1.2 dump \
  -d="http://localhost:8080" \
  -s="[LOCAL Tyk Dashboard API Access Credential Value]" \

to get the same level of simplicity with tyk-operator I’ve had to create a custom docker image:

Where the end user has to set a bunch of environment variables in a file, pass that file to the docker container, etc… it winds up being a really heavy process in a case where the K8S cluster you’re interacting with rotates your access credentials hourly.

Please add support for using -s <secret> and -d="<dashboard URL>" on the command line with tyk operator


[1] actually, if I’m being honest it is really quite slick. Well done your team has done an excellent job there! :slight_smile:


Hi @Alexander_Chesser , thank you for your suggestion! :slight_smile:

We are working on migrating the snapshot feature to a tykcli tool, and will make sure this DX suggestion would be captured there.


For anyone who was watching this thread, the latest release of tyk operator 0.14 supports exporting snapshots from a gateway without requiring being logged into the k8s cluster it is running on.

I tested it the other day with a docker command line and it worked like a charm.

yay! :smiley: