Failed to create key: missing protocol

I run tyk for quite some time now, with an keyless api.
I am experimenting with using authentication. Following the tutorial, I get an error message when I try to save my first key. Tyk presents a popup saying

Failed to save new session object to Tyk: Failed to create key: Post unsupported protocol scheme ""

I think the protocol is missing there. I don’t know where this is configured, though. Who can tell me where this can be done?
In the api definition itself, it says

That includes the protocol… And everythings seems to be functioning as expected. This is the first time I hit this ‘misconfiguration’. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance, Ruud

Hi Ruud,

in your analytics config, tyk_api_config.Host you must include the protocol as well as the hostname.

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thanks Kos,

I got it working myself by running setup again and specifying --tyk_node_hostname=http://myurl instead of --tyk_node_hostname=myurl.
I had to reinstall the license though, so your advice is much better.

regards, Ruud