Extending Tyk to create own dashboard

Hello, Can I extend Tyk to create my own dashboard?


I think so. All the actions you can do on our dashboard, you can do via dashboard API as well.

This links can be helpful Tyk Dashboard API

Hope it helps!

Thanks for your reply.
1.what is actually dashboard API?
2.How to send response (that are given in the documentation with curl commands) ?
**Please note: I am using cloud Tyk.

I checked the video, but the portal is written in Ruby. where I have to paste or attach the code so that I could able to customize my portal?

So, to make API request you need to obtain API key by going to your User screen:


Custom portal docs I showed you is just an example how to write your OWN portal, using our APIs.

If your goal is to just customize default portal branding, you should go to Portal Management → CSS section: