Extend Dashboard API fields

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to build automation around Tyk. I’m currently using the /api/import/swagger/ to automatically provision service discovered back-end APIs into the Tyk. The issue is with the update scenario the /api/apis/ only supplies a created_at field but not an updated_at or something similar. So when the back-end API is renewed i can’t make a comparison with Tyk to make the update.

According the docs it looks like one could also use the gateway API /tyk/reload/ to achieve update scenario by deleting and adding all the APIs followed by a reload. but when using the dashboard API this reload seems to be automatically done and not manageable (do changes and than push all at once). thereby also making this option unusable.

A additional to this i also analysed the https://github.com/TykTechnologies/tyk-git projects and this seems to confirm that this functionality is missing. The updates are just brute forced over the existing one. and doesn’t care about if it updates the exact same config.

If there are other options/suggestions to build this automation all tips are welcome.