Error when adding key using Dashboard

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Sender:Abish Jose.
Date:Friday, 31 July 2015 01:50:35 UTC+1.

I am using Tyk V1.7. Getting the below error when adding a key. Used to work in V1.5 for me.
If anyone can help me on this please …

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Sender:Martin Buhr.
Date:Friday, 31 July 2015 06:20:00 UTC+1.

Hi Abish,

Is the gateway log providing any output? There may be a more detailed error there.

Also, Tyk 1.7 is very strict about creating users that have no access rights set - does this user have specific access rights to an API and version?

You change this security setting by setting


In the tyk.conf file, by default this is false.

Taking a look at the gateway log output will give us a better idea though :slight_smile: