Error creating OAS API - oss version with k8s operator

I have a Tyk installation via k8s operator running and trying to follow documentaiton examples for OAS API creation as per: Create an OAS API
Request fails for POST /tyk/apis/oas/ with “Request malformed” and for POST /tyk/apis/oas/import with “404 page not found”.

Same requests work just fine in local installation with docker compose. Any clues?!!!
(BTW non OAS API requests to /tyk/apis work fine even in k8s verison)

Hi Radu.

Odd that the requests work on docker, but not k8s. Are your k8s installation and docker installation on the same version of Tyk?

For the POST request to /tyk/apis/oas can you try to use this payload?

Indeed the versions are different, but as per the Tyk provided documentation/repos. K8s helm version is 4.3.1 while docker compose runs 4.1.0

I will try the OAS spec you provided but, a priori, it looks quite like the one in the example

If your running v4.3.1 in k8s then OAS is definitely supported.

Let me know how you get on with the sample spec I shared. Also, if you share curl or postman requests I can try to replicate your issues

OK, got it to work with 4.3 from Docker

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