Error 500 Internal Server Error

Hi Support
I am following link : Getting started with Tyk on your local machine - Tyk API Gateway and API Management to setup tyk in my local machine using Docker compose.
The installation is ok , however when i tried to access the “nodeJS” api , have error below when test by “Debugging” tab in “APIs” menu. Please advise. Thanks

http: proxy error: dial tcp: lookup apigee-nodejs on server misbehaving
MIDDLEWARE: ReverseProxy
MESSAGE: http: proxy error: dial tcp: lookup apigee-nodejs on server misbehaving

====== Request ======
GET /url HTTP/1.1

====== Response ======
HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error

Connection: close

Content-Type: application/json


“error”: “There was a problem proxying the request”


Hi, is the docker-compose DNS server. Are you running tyk and your apogee-nodejs container within docker compose?

I don’t know enough about docker-compose to give a good answer, but the issue is there rather than in tyk.

I put the following into google and got a number of relevant looking results:

It might also be worth searching for the following: server misbehaving

Sorry I couldn’t help more


Hello @Yeo_Wee_Tat,

Assuming that you’re running the apogee-nodejs in a docker container @ps258_tyk would be absolutely correct and that would explain the error you’re getting. The issue is caused by Tyk not being able to reach your server.

To access the apogee-nodejs container from your Tyk container you will need to use host.docker.internal instead of

Please let me know if this helps,