Environment variable


I want to replace the configuration file “tyk_analytics.conf” as described in the documentation “//tyk.io/docs/tyk-environment-variables/
Everything is fine for level 1 or 2 variables, but not for deeper variables.

I tested to replace http_server_options.certificates.cert_file with TYK_DB_HTTPSERVEROPTIONS_CERTIFICATES_CERTFILE but it does not work.

Can you help me please ?

There are quite a few inconsistencies with how env vars are loaded (frustrating!), and the standard defined on the doc page is not consistent.

We’ve found the MongoDB URL ones are incorrect (need to use PMP_MONGO_MONGOURL, PMP_MONGOAGG_MONGOURL) and also the API config host ( TYK_DB_TYKAPI_HOST) (found from here).

It’d be great if these were at least noted on the doc page–it took us quite awhile to figure out what was going wrong when we started hardening our deployment.

it’s a shame ! this makes the environment variables unusable.
do you know if a documentation update is planned?

thanks for your response rbender