Enforce Timeout in Graphql API

Hello, I’ve read at the documentation about enforce timeout here, but I can’t find how to properly use it in graphql. If I use the one with dashboard, I can’t find the tab that lead to there. If I use the through gateway and fill it manually, I don’t see the timeout works properly. Anyone can help?

Thank you,

@CuriousDuck Hi and welcome to the forums.

The UI for HTTP apis and GraphQL APIs are different. You should be able to input the property in the API definition via the view API Designer button.

Can you share your API definition and gateway version? I see you’ve said you tried to add it manually and it didn’t work.

I manually inputted the hard time out property in a stitched UDG API that uses http://httpbin.org/delay/6 as one of the data sources and it worked for me

"extended_paths": {
            "hard_timeouts": [
                "path": "/?",
                "method": "POST",
                "timeout": 3

I see… I think I use the wrong configuration in json. Thanks : )