Does Tyk support opaque access token?


I am referring to this document ( Step by step guide using Gluu ( for setting up a JWT authorization mode for an API.

I can follow all the steps here and get the same result.

However, I am just wondering does Tyk support access token in opaque form (not JWT form)? Because when I change the setting at Gluu, and make the access token to opaque, and when I use this opaque token, I got an error from Tyk:

“error”: “Key not authorized:token contains an invalid number of segments”

Is there any other way to let Tyk to accept this opaque token form? What setting/ other method is available to setup Tyk and use the opaque access token?



Maan Tarng

Hi @maantarng, we are checking this internally and would get back to you

Hi @maantarng,

Check these out?

Step by step guide using Curity (Split-token Approach)

Doesn’t speak to Gluu in particular but could be helpful.

Please let us know how it goes.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your help. I will look into it!