Docker quickstart - ERROR on portal /apis/ page

Hi there,

I have just installed Tyk on a cloud instance following the Docker Quickstart guide (

In my case points directly to the portal (I changes ‘/portal/’ to ‘/’ in portal_root_path).

I have successfully configured an API, a policy and published it. I access with no problem to the portal home page, but while accessing to the /apis/ path to see the portal’s catalog, an error occured. Server returns ‘Application Error’, and the container log shows :

URL: /5822fcd3b066da0001000001/portal/apis/
ERROR: interface conversion: interface {} is nil, not *main.PortalModelPortalConfig

The stack trace confirms an error in the app router.

What did I miss ?

Thank you in advance for your help !

off topic : I am very enthusiastic with my first glance at Tyk. Tyk’s guys make a great job !

Okay…Sorry for this request. I missed the reason in the log entries :

time="Nov  9 11:10:01" level=error msg="No portal configuration found, please create a new portal configuratin" 

After an ‘update’ of portal settings, everything works fine.

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Good to hear you got it sorted.

Are you able to share your use-case for Tyk? We are always looking for interesting case studies of where Tyk is being used.

We’ve seen Tyk in use by farmers in Thailand, augmented reality startups in Silicon Valley, fintech in the City of London… so if your use case is not confidential, letting us know how you plan to use Tyk will help us develop the product over time.


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