Docker quickstart 404

Docs point here:

But looks like that is gone and now:

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You are right that it is gone (hidden) at the moment, and we definitely forgot to hide the docs.

We have some internal discussion right now about what to do with this project, in meantime, you can use my personal fork

Thing is that people was using quickstart for performance evaluation and for some production installations, ignoring all the warnings, so we decided to hide it temporarily until we find a better solution. For example some interactive tutorial on our site or similar.

Apologies for the confusion.

So should I not use that pro one?

FYI, we use this for local dev testing of things

For now, I would propose you use my fork, and I’m going to support it and it for sure not will be removed.

Maintaining own fork also an option.

Hope it makes sense!

It does however getting a 404 for

For now I’m just using, seems to work fine