Docker OAuth Client Configuration Errors

I’m trying to move from the quickstart 1.9 to 2.0 via a fresh installation. Everything else appears to be working however I’ve run into an issue that I also had with 1.9 (I’m assuming it’s the same or similar root cause anyhow) but do not understand how to work around in 2.0. I can reproduce the issue on multiple Ubuntu LTS hosts using various versions of Docker, currently on 1.10.2 and docker-compose version 1.6.2

I can save API configurations okay however when attempting to list or save an OAuth client via the Dashboard on either version using standard docker install instructions, I get error such as “Could not retrieve apps list” and “Could not create new app”, though v2.0 takes much longer to time-out.

In 1.9.0/1 I was able to solve this by changing the IP of the “ambassador_1” entry to that of “tyk_gateway_1” on the dashboard container’s hosts file, which seemed to have had no negative repercussions. However since Tyk 2.0 does not use the ambassador pattern, I’m having some difficulty finding out how to workaround or resolve this now since there is no hosts entry.

Anyhow, is this perhaps a known issue with the quickstart?

Also, probably a separate issue but it’s also not able to connect to Mongo but that seems to be because the quickstart has analytics enabled with no Mongo connection defined?

The latest QuickStart relies on v1.10 of docker, and uses docker networking - what are you running!?

Currently on 1.10.2 and docker-compose version 1.6.2

It will be because the dashboard cannot see the gateway, the DNS name may be wrong in the tyk_dashboard.conf

OR the gateway can’t see the dashboard and therefore isn’t registering itself.

So your old workaround was to rename the ambassador hostname to something else, it will be similar here, whichever docker setup and compose setup you have you need to set the names for the various dashboard and nodes to be visible to one another.

Our IT Ops guy took a fresh stab at installing it and got it working. After also initially running into the same problem as myself, apparently all that was needed was an undocumented restart following setup and after following the documented host files additions.